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       Longhai technology co., LTDIs a collection research and development、Design、Production、Sales、Services for the integration of private technology enterprises in guangdong province and the national high and new technology enterprise。Companies strive to design concept、Manufacturing process in line with international standards,Strong technical force,Has more than engaged inAutomation equipment research and development design engineers for many years and a number of personnel engaged in professional precision machining technology(The designers design qualification in eight years,The mechanic working seniority in five more years,Rich experience,Technology is rigorous);At the same time, we adopt scientific management,With superb production technology and front end design concept,In order to achieve excellence,The service,Technology,Do domestic top level research and development。

        Enterprise organization structure is rigorous,According to the completelyISO9000Quality system mode,To create a first-class products as the goal,The first quality,Customer first as a fundamental corporate culture。

       Company research and development involved in industrial robots,General machinery,Can the new energy battery production equipment,3CDigital assembly equipment,Testing equipment,Glass laminating equipment,Electric electric control,Hardware accessories,Software integration technology development, etc,Automation equipment for the major well-known enterprises in the world effective feasible solutions。

       Our company as a domestic one of the most professional product design and reverse engineering company,With the excellent high-tech equipment、Rich experience in practice、Superb engineering technology、Affordable prices and comprehensive professional services,“The customer is supreme,Create brilliant”Is our longhai technology co., LTD adhere to the principle and the unremitting pursue。

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