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Our service conceptElite design team Will quality and reliable products of brand creation

Shandong Confucianism cheng packaging materials co., LTD. Is a collection of the brand planning、Development design and production as one of the enterprises。Located in the kirin hometown shandong juye。This company mainly produces crystal white、High white、Milky white bottle、Wool cloth with soft nap、Water wood grain、Wrinkles color bottle,All kinds of glass vase、Colour imitation porcelain、Frosting bottle、All kinds of inferior smooth、The light、Double color、Multicolor、Crack、Ring、Imitation jade、Marble、Broken porcelain、Flash gold、And gold、Old metal、Cassock grain etc series products。“Better is superior,Don't waste a lot of”Is the enterprise product quality requirements。Perfect design concept,The consummate craft requirement,Strict quality management,Close cooperation services,Won a large number of customers for the enterprise。We in line with sincere、To the letter、Sincerely、The zealous service concept,The management concept of innovation development,Relying on scientific management

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