The company's main furrow ridging machine、Multi-functional micro tillage machine、Orchard micro tillage machine、Strawberry greenhouses ridging machine、Micro tillage machine and other agricultural machinery,The company is located in the beautiful coastal city——Yantai, shandong province,Beautiful scenery,Pleasant climate。The company mainly produces:1WG-4A Series、1WG-4Series、3TG-5QSeries、3WG-1Series、3WG-2Series、3WG-3Orchard micro tillage machine series、Pastoral management machine, etc,The price is reasonable,Quality assured,Widely used in greenhouses、Terraces、The hills、The orchard、Paddy fields and farm region,Can be used for a variety of crop planting,Such as cotton、Corn、Grapes、Ginger、Potatoes, etc。