About us

Zhenjiang buds electronics co., LTD,The earliest was established1992Years,Is the domestic first have at that time14*16One of the top inch LCD panel production line,After years of development,In2010In jintan changzhou, jiangsu province in east China sales center,2012Years in dongguanCOGModule production line,With fully automaticCOGThe production line2The article,Semi-automaticCOGThe production line4The article。2015Established in dongguan in a current automatic updates14*16Inch LCD panel production line.In the same year in changzhou, jiangsu jintan to form a semi-automatic clip LCDPINAssembly line。

At present, the company has three factories in total,Which located in chaozhou, guangdong province,Guangdong dongguan,Changzhou, jiangsu province jintan。Factory area20000?,Plant area12000?。

The company has2The article14*16Inch LCD panel production line,6The articleCOGBinding line,Factory employees more than one thousand people,Belong to one neutral LCD panel production enterprise in China。

The main products of the company:TN、HTN、STN、FSTN、VA、COG、COB、TFT(1.44"~10.1")